Tips on how to stay motivated!

24 Jul 2020


It’s cold and the middle of Winter. It’s hard enough to motivate yourself enough to get out of your nice, warm bed, let alone sit in your study space (lounge with blanket and cat) and try to take in what your lecturer Mr Whoisit is saying about Whatwasit!!

So, what can you do to help yourself get motivated and hopefully stay motivated to study?

  • Study in a place that actually motivates you – your local Country Universities Centre is the perfect place for it (and you don’t have to pay for the heating!)
  • Think of the big positives – career, more money, something you will like doing
  • Start with a small step – break down the bigger, overwhelming things into smaller things and plan them for the week
  • Make a time to study with your friends – common goals can help you all get your tasks done
  • Ask a family member or friend to help you be accountable and check your progress
  • Make a list of tasks and tackle the easiest first. This can help boost your confidence to tackle the harder ones
  • Give your tasks time limits and set yourself breaks with small rewards
  • Leave your phone (on silent) next to the kettle or fridge. You can then check it on a break and not get distracted while studying or watching a lecture
  • If you hit a block with an assignment or can’t understand a task, ask someone. Ask your local Country Universities Centre (CUC) Manager if they can help or book a time with the CUC Learning Skills Advisor. They are there to help!! (or to calm you down over a coffee)
  • Have a set of small squares of paper next to you so that you can write facts on them – you can stick them up around your room to help you learn them.
  • Book a space at your local CUC for when you have study time. Booking a space makes it harder to back out of important study
  • Before you go to bed, set up what you need for study the next day – have your bag ready to go to the CUC
Don’t give up. Remember that you can always get help from your higher education provider or from the staff at the Country Universities Centre. We are here to support you on your learning journey!!

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