Find a course that works for you

It’s possible to study at uni and stay local. We have around 200 students registering with us each semester who do just that, studying with close to 30 different providers. Many of our students study online and many commute to attend class face-to-face. You can do either, or both, and you can study part-time or full-time, in the day or at night.

We can help with course research and advise on the options available.

Our course advice is entirely ‘agnostic’. We look for options at many different unis to find a course that best suits your goals and preferences and can work with your current commitments. We can also assist with finding scholarships and grants.

You can book an appointment here. We recommend completing our course advice questionnaire ahead of the appointment.

We’re here to help you survive and thrive at uni.

At the CUC, we appreciate that you may face additional challenges and barriers as a regional student. For many of our students, this can include work or family responsibilities, or managing study while living with a disability or mental health condition or caring for someone who does. We can provide tailored advice on your circumstances and referrals to local and university services.