Health Month 

18 Oct 2021

October 2021 

This year on World Mental Health Day we are helping you “tune in” to yourself, others, your community and stigma and here is how….  

  • Tune in tips from Alex, health practitioner, and Sarah, an expert at tuning in to the community 
  • Local tune in tips from Centre Manager  
  • Providing links to mental health resources 

Content from Interview with Alex and Sarah: 

  • Podcast(Degree Closer) interview with CUC Psychology, neuroscience and neuropsychology alumna, Alex.  

Mental Health Month is a chance to promote activities and ideas that can have a positive impact on our daily lives and the lives of others. Good mental health is when we can cope with the stressors of our daily lives, participate in loving relationships, contribute to our community, and work towards our goals. Everyone has mental health. And we can all benefit from looking after our own mental health and the mental health of our communities.

  • This month is World Mental Health Month and we are seeking to help you tune in to yourself, others, our community and the stigma around mental health.  
  •  Around the world, we often refer to mental health as an individual responsibility, but there are lots of barriers to accessing and maintaining good mental health and these things can be outside our control. Things like inequality, discrimination, access to services, and government policies can negatively impact our mental health and our communities’ mental health.  
  •  This is the thinking behind the theme of World Mental Health Month this year and why WayAhead is asking for all of us to play a part to contribute the better mental health of all. We are asking you to tune in to things we can do as individuals for our own, and others’ mental health. 
  • We will be talking to Alex, about ways we can tune into ourselves, others, our communities and mental health stigma to help us maintain a healthy and well-balanced life.  

Centres to include local tune in tips: 

Our Centres will bring to the front the local supports and activities to tune into in your town: 

  • Local and online events  
  • “Black Dogs One Foot Forward team”  
  • Provide locations to physical social and mental support services  
  • Connecting virtually to online service  
  • Connecting to local yoga studio through the mind-body app  
  • Connecting to mindfulness apps and other uni support and local mental health supports. 

Or tune in tips from your Centre Managers 

Yourself: Senses – Self-care  

  • Hearing – Degrees Closer Podcast, chat to your networks 
  • Seeing – break from socials – focus on the real – people in your life 
  • Touch – Mind-body app join any yoga session around Australia
    your feet to the ground and join us to walk for better mental health and support research – One foot forward 
  • Smell – stop to smell the roses – take time for yourself away from study  
  • Taste – make sure you are getting nutritious meals to help you maintain focus and energy. 

Others – Connection with family, friends 

  • Join our One Foot Forward team and walk for better mental health or support us to give to Mental health research 

Community –  

  • Join an online or in-person community group or sports club! 

Be a Mental Health Ally – 

  • Start a conversation and learn from those with live experiences 
  • Sharing your story and speaking openly 
Mental Health Info   

Find your university well-being support  

If you need extra well-being support your university has online, in person, and phone support services available to help you get back on balance. Access your university well-being support page here link. tree/cucstudentwellbeing or reach out to help professional health services below.   

Professional Health and Well-being Services  

Head to Health (H2H)   

H2H is a website that aims to help people find good mental health and wellbeing information, resources, and links to online and phone mental health services all in one place. It supports people seeking help, either for themselves or someone they care about. To find out more; 


Headspace is the national youth mental health foundation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young Australians. Their website provides information and resources on mental health, physical health, work, support, study support, and alcohol and drug services. Support for young people, their family and friends can be accessed through this website including finding a local headspace centre, online/phone counselling service headspace, and the digital work and study service. To find out more; to find a Headspace Centre in your local area please see this map: 


Beyondblue is an organisation that provides information, and support for, depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. This website contains information, resources, and services for depression. To find out more; 

The Black Dog  

This website has up to date information and resources on mental illness, online self-testing, current treatments and wellbeing. The institute aims to reduce the incidence of mental illness and the stigma around it, actively reduce suicide rates, and empower everyone to live the most mentally healthy lives possible. To find out more; 

The Desk  

The desk is developed by The University of Queensland to support Australian tertiary students to achieve mental and physical health and wellbeing. The desk has free online modules, tools, quizzes, and advice that can help people improve their wellbeing and study more effectively. There are four modules that aim to assist students to stay calm, be more productive, and improve their wellbeing and relationships. To find out more; 

Mood Gym   

Mood Gym is a free online program designed to help people learn and practise skills to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is like an interactive, online self-help book that teaches skills based on cognitive behaviour therapy. To find out more; 

My compass   

myCompass is a free personalised self-help program developed by the Black Dog Institute for people with mild-to-moderate depression, anxiety, and stress. The program aims to help you recognise unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and develop skills to manage them based predominantly on cognitive behaviour therapy. To find out more; 


MindSpot is a free telephone and online service developed by Macquarie University for Australian adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression. They offer free online or phone screening assessments to help you learn about your symptoms. You will then receive recommendations from a MindSpot therapist on free online MindSpot clinic treatment courses to help you recover, or local services that can help. Note: You must be eligible for Medicare-funded services in Australia to access Mindset. To find out more; 

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