Humans of CUC

27 May 2024

I have always been extremely passionate about mathematics.

From learning about reversibility in kindergarten (7+3=3+7), the numerous methods for multiplication in primary school, and eventually, the applications of calculus that I have done here at university.

The only question of course, is what to do with that?

People suggested accounting or becoming a financial advisor, but that’s just money stuff. I thought of doing library work, but that has no maths. I thought about theoretical physics, but I hate scientific reports. Eventually I decided on a double degree; education and science (but secretly it’s just maths).

This has enabled me to explore my numerous passions, mess around with numbers, and also explore literacy and a touch of psychology.

At the end of the day, the double degree means that if I decide that teaching isn’t for me, I have a whole other degree to fall back on!

I have always enjoyed school so I was always fairly certain that I was going to do something at university, but what I would do and what would I do afterwards where much harder questions.

Who knows, maybe I’ll just keep studying so I’ll never need to answer the latter!

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