Humans of CUC

24 Apr 2024

I’d always known I had it in me, but I had to prove it to myself.

I’ve recently completed my Business Studies degree! How did that happen? More importantly, why? I still ask myself these questions.

I’ve never followed a typical life pattern and I never really cared for formal education. Although I’ve always known education was key, life education has always taught me more. I was thankfully raised in a family that treasured creativity. I am a creative at heart – a ‘dreamer’, my teachers would say. Some people would take offence to report card comments such as ‘Cathy must apply herself more’ or ‘Cathy needs to focus’. To me, this was validation that I was on the right path. In the end, I learnt through studying that I was always on the right track.

I was so daunted by the commitment a degree would take, but then so proud once accepted and now so relieved to have completed it! As a creative, I can be very unfocused, as my early teachers noted; yet, as a uni student, I was also capable of high distinctions and focused energy. One lecturer told me that the creativity I bring to coursework is inspiring!

I’m excited about my next creative venture and eager to apply what I have learned from my degree to build a strong foundation that nurtures, rather than obstructs, the creative process.

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