Humans of CUC

28 Nov 2023

At four years old, I was telling people, “I am going to save lives one day”.
I was unacademic in high school and told I would never get there. If you asked me if I thought it would come true, I would have told you not a chance. I blew an ATAR offer and took a long route, starting at TAFE, and now I sit here at 21 years old in emergency medicine at Canberra Hospital’s emergency department, working with the best darn team and saving lives. It took a long time to understand that it was okay that I bombed out in high school and that I would still get there; it would just take a little longer.
Next year, I will be boosting my career on the next journey of paramedicine.
If I have learnt one thing, it is never to hold back because you are told you can’t, YOU CAN, and when you put your mind to it, you are capable of anything and everything.
Your mind is your biggest weapon, so stay positive!!!

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