Humans of CUC

26 Jun 2024

I’m driven by a desire to create meaningful change.

I chose my current degree because it brought together my diverse interests and life experiences. With a background in political science, journalism, fine arts, law, and international studies, along with my roles as a yoga teacher, mother of four, and involvement in humanitarian work, it felt like the perfect culmination.

My learning journey has been long and tumultuous, spanning various degrees, including a stint at NIDA and the Victorian College of Arts, alongside motherhood and certifications in postnatal counselling. While “career” isn’t a term I’ve recently associated with, my aspirations have always revolved around making a positive impact, whether through legal aid, human rights work, or supporting mental health initiatives.

What inspires me to study is a relentless curiosity, a thirst for understanding societal dynamics, and a drive to effect meaningful change that supports individuals, particularly in the realm of mental health.

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